Your Anger at Hollywood for Their Awards Shows is Misguided

I’ve been seeing a lot of “I’m tired of the awards shows for overpaid actors. All they are doing is giving themselves pats on the back” blah blah blah. I’ve been thinking of a response to it and I believe I’ve finally decided what I want to say.
Guess why they are overpaid…
Because YOU go see their movies and purchase the DVDs and buy their music. Because YOU buy products they endorse. Because YOU purchase the magazines or visit the websites that give us detailed information on their personal lives. They are “overpaid” because you are figuratively throwing your money at them.
This is also why McDonald’s CEO is overpaid, but I don’t see you giving up your french fries in a fit over it, and that’s more egregious than actors making millions because he’s taking the money directly out of the pocket of his employees.
Guess we why throw our money at Hollywood…
Because acting and singing are noble professions and we like to watch or hear what is happening and feel good or bad or literally ANYTHING in this stinky poo poo world. We like to see the girl transform herself into someone worthy of love or the guy drive a fast car and simultaneously shoot like 80 people while maintaining a speed well over 200 and never getting a speeding ticket.
We like the thrill of being scared out of our britches or figuring out the plot before the end. We need the release of expression to allow us to feel in this world where feelings are suppressed and the art our hearts long for is so far removed from us. In the theater, whether movie or stage, and when we put on our favorite tunes, we are connected, we are one, we are human.
Guess why Hollywood gives actors & musicians awards…
Because the actors do a good job at acting and the musicians do a good job at singing. At your job, right now, you deserve an award for if you are doing a good job. However, through no fault of your own, your company may have stopped giving awards or recognition for outstanding performance and that is unfair. But the company wants to cut costs or dehumanize their employees or some other nonsense that makes you feel like people don’t deserve recognition and appreciation for what they do.
Now guess what? That is all wrong.
That is a gross part of capitalism that drives our feeling of dissatisfaction with our employment and leaves us feeling less engaged than ever with our work. There should be an awards show for you, and if there isn’t, it is because your employer sucks. I can completely understand why you would hate to see others get rewarded, especially if those other people also live lavish, unattainable lives, but it isn’t them that deserve your anger.
Don’t watch it if it makes you angry about your own life, but the people receiving awards are the wrong targets for your wrath. Hollywood is uniquely American. We all worked together to create it. We all benefit from its existence. So enough with the hate toward award shows. We all know you’ll be front and center for the next Meryl Streep or Ryan Gosling movie anyway.

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